Teledyne API has developed a hydrocarbon instrument using patented ​gas chromatograph (GC) technology, in combination with well-characterized and familiar Flame Ionization Detection (FID). This instrument uses a new modular hardware and electronics architecture which is the basis for Teledyne API's new N Series platform. The instrument platform is thoughtfully designed for reliability, ease of operation and maintenance, low power consumption, and advanced communications and diagnostic capabilities.

All N Series instruments include Teledyne API’s NumaViewTM Software and offer two front-panel USB ports, an advanced touch screen full color display, customizable user interface with predictive maintenance alerts, one-touch real-time graphing, and multiple language support.​ TCP/IP-based Ethernet and Serial ports are both included as standard hardware and utilize a variety of communications protocols, including Modbus and http polling, to seamlessly integrate with external data logging systems, programmable logical controllers (PLCs), and Teledyne API’s NumaViewTM Remote Software​​.

 Hydrocarbon Instruments