​Treatment for drinking water production involves the removal of contaminants from raw water to produce water that is pure enough for human consumption without any short-term or long-term risk of any adverse health effect. Substances that are removed during the process of drinking water treatment include suspended solids, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, and minerals such as iron and manganese. Ozone (O3) gas is commonly used in this contaminant removal industrial process as an effective and economical oxidizer. 

Teledyne API carries a complete line of Industrial Process O3 instruments to meet all of the process and safety needs in this application. ​

  Process Ozone Instruments
Gas Model Ranges 
Ozone Low Level
Safety/Process Measurements

465L 0-1 ppm to 0-500 ppm
Ozone Mid Level
Off Gas/Safety/Process Measurements
465M​0-1,000 ppm to 0-10,000 ppm
0-5g/Nm3 to 0-50g/Nm3
0-1% w/w to 0-3% w/w
Ozone High Level
Safety/Process Measurements
​​​​​​​​​​​0-5% w/w to 0-25% w/w
0-100g/Nm3 to 0-400g/Nm3
Process Measurements
(Din Mount)
​​​0-5 wt% / 0-20 wt%
Process Measurements
430  0-100 ppb (min), 0-20,000 ppb (max) (us​​er-selectable)​​
  Dissolved Ozone Instruments
Gas Model Ranges  
​Dissolved Ozone for Water Municipalities​
W1 + 465L ​0-1, 0-2 mg/L
W1 + 480L
  Gas Calibrators & Zero Air Generators
Gas Model Ranges 
T703 Ozone Output: 50 ppb to 10 ppm
T703U Ozone Output: 3 ppb to 10 ppm
T753U Ozone Output: 2 ppb to 2.5 ppm